Real Therapy. Real Healing.

Let's Heal.

Photography by: Jennifer Roth Photography, 2019

You can heal.

Photography by: Jennifer Roth Photography, 2019

Utilizing a number of evidence-based therapeutic practices, over 15 years of experience in the field treating thousands of individuals, and a compassionate therapeutic relationship, I will be your partner in mental health healing. You will always feel that I am in your corner and eventually, you will use our work together to move forward and live joyfully.

I believe that caring for your mental health is one of the most powerful things you will do in life. Many of us have pain and wounds we carry with us, each and every day. These often show up as depression, anxiety, focus concerns, anger, general irritability, relational concerns and more. Within a trusted, safe, and dynamic relationship with me as your Trauma-informed therapist, you will learn the tools to return to health, peace and joy. Life can be very difficult. With the right therapeutic relationship and a big box of tools in your mental health care kit, it can be easier to manage. Let me help you rediscover your peace.

If you've been brought here, you or someone you love is needing support.

I understand and I am here to begin the work with you. With a little bit of humor, a lot of empathy, and tons of tools, I'll show you how to diminish your suffering and increase your peace.

Reach out today and let's get started.

It's time to heal.